Leaders of Change Award Program

NCCI’s vision is to function as a catalyst for higher education institutions to work collaboratively across institutions to employ effective methods to advance academic and administrative excellence. To help carry out that purpose we identify leaders of change throughout higher education to recognize them for their accomplishments, and to help link them with their peers to further leverage the impact of their good work.

Each of our institutions of higher education has leaders of change, but given the diversity of roles that these leaders play in our institutions, they often go unrecognized.  “Leaders of Change” identifies and celebrates these exceptional individuals whose efforts have resulted in significant impact in their institutions and beyond.

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Leaders of Change Recognition Program. The deadline is March 1, 2017.

Nominate a Leader of Change

Who is a Leader of Change?

A Leader of Change is an individual who has played a key role in advancing major change in higher education, in academic and/or administrative areas. We are looking to recognize individuals who

  • have led impactful change efforts within their institution, and perhaps their communities;
  • have done so by working collaboratively with, through, and for others to create change.

How does the LOC program benefit recipients and institutions?

Those recognized will have opportunities to:

  • Be recognized through NCCI events and venues.
  • Make a presentation at a regional or national NCCI conference or webinar.
  • Have their work featured in newsletters, NCCI’s website, and news releases.
  • Network with other outstanding LOCs throughout the world.
  • Work with peers to develop best practices related to change management and institutional improvement.

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