NCCI Annual Conference


2022 Annual Conference

The face-to-face conference in New Orleans has been cancelled. Please read below for further information.

New plans have been announced. Read more!

July 5, 2002

NCCI is committed to living our organization’s values of integrity, respect, and diversity in all forms. Along with our mission of positioning higher education institutions to be agile, lifelong learning models to transform lives and communities around the world, our values inform and shape how the organization collaborates, innovates, and connects with higher education colleagues and the world outside higher ed.   

 Toward that end, NCCI has implemented a decision-making framework to guide our selection of the annual conference. The annual conference is NCCI’s largest gathering of our community and provides opportunities to share insights and solutions regarding change management, process improvement, strategic planning, Lean, project management, and innovation in higher education. This framework grounds evaluation and selection of the annual conference location in our values and serves to ensure a rigorous, inclusive, and equitable process. A key element of our framework includes evaluation and monitoring of local and state legislation in regard to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

 Recently, Louisiana passed a new law preventing transgender girls and women from participating in school sports teams. This legislation does not align with our values and, as a result, the Board of Directors made the decision to cancel the face-to-face annual conference in New Orleans. When signing the hotel contract, we negotiated a favorable force majeure clause, allowing us to terminate the contract, without penalty, should this type of legislation be passed.  

 Like you, the members of the board were eager to return to a face-to-face conference and made this decision after significant deliberation. We are disappointed we won’t be able to engage in the same way.

 We will work in the coming weeks to create plans for alternative virtual delivery of the excellent content planned for the annual conference.

 When updated plans are shared, we will include information on changing registration and, if necessary, requesting refunds. If you have hotel reservations, we recommend you cancel them immediately. Cancel your reservation here or by calling Marriott’s Reservation Center at 1.800.228.9290.

 Thanks to our volunteers who have worked so hard in planning this event and to you for the work you’re doing to transform lives and communities. We look forward to seeing you soon.