About NCCI

NCCI History

The Network for Change and Continuous Innovation was originally formed as the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement in 1999 by national leaders in continuous improvement, organizational development, planning, quality, institutional effectiveness and related areas. Read more.


To advance change and innovation in higher education.


NCCI positions higher education institutions to be agile, lifelong learning models to transform lives and communities around the world.


We value integrity, respect and diversity in all its forms. We share generously and celebrate excellence. We aspire to be innovative and agile and are dedicated to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

2015-17 Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors met Oct. 2, 2015 to update the Strategic Plan to guide NCCI from 2015 through 2017. The process included an assessment of the current situation, a scan of the internal and external factors that affect NCCI and a discussion about the future in higher education and the appropriate role for NCCI to play.

Goal 1: Grow the resource network in support of higher education change leadership

  • Grow the membership across the higher education sector (Non-US, Community Colleges).
  • Increase the networking within the network.
  • Increase mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances.
Goal 2: Develop and promote the change impact and the influence of change leaders

  • Articulate the value proposition of NCCI through success stories.
  • Identify change leaders and recognize them.
Goal 3: Grow the skills and knowledge of change leaders in higher education

  • Enhance the Professional Development Series.
  • Enrich content on the website and expand our digital presence.
  • Recognize and award Change Leadership.
Goal 4: Increase the maturity of NCCI as an organization

  • Strengthen the Sponsorship program through appropriate stewardship.
  • Finalize and publish Board and committee documentation, including the committee processes and procedures, strategic planning process and Board member handbook.
  • Develop and adopt NCCI Board and Staff Service Excellence Standards and performance evaluation processes for the Executive Director and Association Resources.
  • Expand our use of data and metrics to assist in decision-making and growth and to improve the way we function.
  • Develop a communications plan and strategy for NCCI.

Learn more about NCCI’s 2015-2017 Strategic Plan here.


Our member institutions lead the way in areas such as process improvement, administrative excellence, shared services, Lean/Six Sigma, strategic planning, assessment and leadership.

Leveraging Excellence

NCCI has a legacy of innovative educational leadership. We have observed, studied, shared and advocated for institutional improvement through initiatives such as the Leaders of Change Awards Program, the Annual Conference, and online learning and networking opportunities. Together, NCCI members maximize the benefits of innovation.


NCCI provides numerous online and in-person opportunities to share best practices in academic and administrative processes from nearly 100 colleges and universities. These opportunities provide proven approaches that can help you continuously improve services, communications, partnerships, leadership and learning at your institution.


NCCI membership provides you with the opportunity to meet many other professionals involved in continuous improvement at the Annual Conference and at other educational events held throughout the year. An online membership directory is also available on the website. Invest in fostering change and continuous improvement for your institution and yourself!

All efforts of NCCI trace back to the goal of advancing sustainable excellence in higher education by promoting successful practices and approaches used to drive change, innovation, and continuous improvement across academic and administrative functions.