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NCCI has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for companies that serve the higher education sector, and we benefit from the value these firms bring to our members and our network.


Reach the leading network of higher education officials dedicated to change, continuous innovation, process improvement and academic and administrative excellence. Participants in NCCI events represent all areas and functions of higher education – including administration and finance, human resources, organizational development, academic administration, strategic planning, institutional research, IT, and student affairs.


In our respective institutions across the world, members of NCCI are involved in addressing critical issues by converting policies and ideas into action and results. NCCI enables us to advance the effectiveness of our institutions through collaboration. Collectively, we have the capacity and desire to advance critical issues at a broader, national level through our specialized skills and experience.

Keep up the great work and excitement…this is the best conference I go to all year because there is a great mix of good stories, skill building, and great examples of cross-university partnerships.


2016 NCCI Annual Conference, Montreal

Sponsorship Packages

Below is a list of potential sponsorship opportunities; however, NCCI is open to your suggestions regarding other possible sponsorship opportunities to showcase your organization at conferences, in the NCCI eNewsletter, or on our Website.

Sponsor Benefit





Logo on NCCI Website for 12 months  X   X   X   X
Use of NCCI Logo   X   X   X   X
Partner with an institution to propose a conference session, preconference workshop or panel   X   X   X   X
Join NCCI Network on LinkedIn to raise awareness of your services and add content   X   X   X   X
Present a Power 60 webinar   X   X   X   X
Recognition during NCCI Conference opening or plenary session    X    X   X   X
Share content in newsletter  1 issue 3 issues 6 issues
Post Informative white paper on NCCI website for benefit of members  1 paper 2 papers
Use of conference attendee email list  1 mailing 1 mailing 2 mailings
Complimentary conference registration  1 attendee 2 attendees 2 attendees 2 attendees
Recognition in conference program with your logo  Small logo  Mid-size logo Full size logo  Full size logo/Partner
Recognition at Conference on NCCI Signage  Small logo   Mid-size logo  Full size logo  Partner
Named Award Program     Amount to be determined and three-year commitment

Please contact info@ncci-cu.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


Collectively, NCCI member institutions serve more than 2 million students.