2016 Conference Presentations

The St. Andrews Lean Model
Mark Robinson, St. Andrews University

Enhance Your University’s Change Management Capability Using the Prosci ADKAR Model
Scott McAllister, Prosci, Bridget Wikidal & Kathleen Scott, California State University, Scott Siler, University of Notre Dame, and Lisa Terry, University of California, Davis

“The Process”: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Planning for Higher Education Today (Presentation Unavailable)
Tesenga Smith, University of Michigan, Mohammad Lotif, Swarhmore College

Games and Activities for Teaching Lean Concepts
Amy Glenn, University of Illinois, Ruth Archer, Michigan Technological University, Marc Carlton, University of Illinois

Advance Your Strategic Priorities Through Crowdsourcing
Bob Neuhard, Kristin Kielich, Ashley Gambhir, Allorah Wyman, Melani Roberson, University of California, San Diego

Coaching Ourselves: Why Social Learning is an Effective Management Development Tool
Phil Lenir, Coaching Ourselves, Rebecca Bowie, Amanda Dobbie, Carleton University

Learning Together: How the NCCI/TSI Community of Discovery (COD) Can Help You Transform
Dan Feely, Transforming Solutions, Inc.

Besieged and Beleaguered, Down But Not Out: Planned Change at Universities in 21st Century
Anthony Masi, McGill University

Group Conflict Resolution: An Exploration of Inclusion-Exclusion dynamics in the institution
Kathy Burkgren, Jennifer Fonseca, Cornell University

Transforming Administrative Systems One Step at A Time
Sherry Steinaway, University of Washington

Creating, Redesigning, and Sustaining Governance Structures to Drive Strategy
Kelly Block, Michael Hites, Marc Carlton, University of Illinois

Implementing a Lean Shared Services Operation (Presentation Unavailable)
Tomika Davis, University of California, Riverside

Higher Education in a Time of Rapid Transformation
Kevin Kruger, NASPA

Readiness Factors for Effective Process Improvement in Higher Education
Kim-Marie Jenkins, University of Maine System

Navigating Change in Higher Education: A Panel Discussion with NCCI Leaders of Change (Presentation Unavailable)
Peggy Huston, University of California Berkeley

Teaching Georgia Tech to Fish: Deploying an Organizational Excellence Toolkit for Success
Mike Vallecoccia, Kara Tillman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research UVA – The “Key to the City” of Research
Lee Baszczewski, Vonda Durrer, University of Virginia

Building a Healthy Workplace Culture
Samantha Munro, Carleton University

Survey Says…! Using Customer Satisfaction and Employee Climate Data to Drive Impactful Business Decisions
Angela Song, University of California, San Diego

Don’t Get Blown Away by the Winds of Change
Linda Smith, Karen Roberson, Daniel Warning, Joilet Junior College

Lean, Liberating Structures & change
Tom Gaffery, Alexis Naiknimbalker, California State University

From Lemons to Culture Change: Moving from a SACS Monitoring Report to a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Shannon Cribs, Leslie Brown, Virginia Commonwealth University

Making Change Stick: A 15 Year Retrospective Journey of a Shared Service Center
Cynthia Husek, Amy Lavens, University of Colorado, Mark Detterick, University of Richmond

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Learning on Both Sides of the Ocean
Catherine Lilly, University of Michigan, Gill Tait, Julie Campbell, University of Sheffield

From Disconnected to Nexus – Developing the Enterprise Finance & Business Network (Presentation Unavailable)
Jaime Smith, Bill Dracos, Grace Liedberg, Emory University

Great Colleges to Work For Program: Indicators of a Culture of Innovation (Presentation Unavailable)
Richard Boyer, Modern Think, Catherine Lilly, University of Michigan

Connecting Departments to University Expenditures Using a Spend Dashboard
Shannon Wampler, University of Virginia

Learning from the Inside and the Outside – Administrative Unit Review
Sarah Collie, University of Virginia, Maury Cotter, University of Wisconsin, Carol Mullaney, University of Notre Dame

Using Balanced Scorecards, Lean and Liberating Structures to Accelerate Strategic Planning and Implementation
Ruth Johnston, Jeff Filmore, University of Washington

Value Stream Mapping
Keith Potter, C’Juan Gunner, Michael Eke, Tarrant County College

Liberating Structures: Scaling-up Across Higher Education
Ruth Johnston, Jeanne Semura, University of Washington, Catherine Lilly, University of Michigan, Darin Harris, University of Wisconsin

Using Lessons from Social Revolutions and Crowdsourcing Campaigns to Navigate Change in Higher Education
Allison Vaillancourt, University of Arizona

Delivering Results through Crowdsourcing (Presentation Unavailable)
Bob Neuhard, Kristin Kielich, Ashley Gambhir, Allorah Wyman, University of California, San Diego

Building Partnerships with a Vendor Scorecard Process
Shannon Wampler, University of Virginia

Data Driven Discussions: Developing Shared Data Metrics to Inform the Program Review Process at Northwestern University
Megan Blackwelder, Amit Prachand, Northwestern University

Leading from Inside the Whirlwind: Creating the New Vision for Public Ed (Presentation Unavailable)
Mary Jane Brukardt, James Schmidt, Kristen Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire