Comprised of representatives from member institutions, NCCI Committees serve an important role in coordinating the projects and activities of the association as together we strive to grow your network. Serving on a committee is a great way for you to contribute to NCCI while enhancing your network and broadening your knowledge of change efforts in higher education. Please consider getting involved!

Why Join an NCCI Committee?

The benefits of volunteering with NCCI are many. Volunteers:

  • grow their professional network;
  • have the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in higher education;
  • develop and refine leadership skills;
  • obtain professional recognition; and
  • gain knowledge of issues impacting higher education.

Descriptions for each of the NCCI committees are below, along with the names and contact information of current leadership. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email us at

NCCI offers a variety of professional development opportunities for its members.

Members of the NCCI Board of Directors typically begin their service to NCCI as a member of a committee.

NCCI Committees

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Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee designs the educational program for the NCCI Conference each year. This includes selecting speakers for concurrent workshops and General Sessions and coordinating Conference logistics.


Mr. Kelly Block
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign

Program Chair

Ms. Lisa Earls
University of North Dakota

Vice Program Chair

Bridget Wikidial
California State University System

Past Chair

Ms. Tammy Freeman
University of Notre Dame

Current Status:  We would be pleased to accept volunteers for next year’s conference. Please email

Committee Roster

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee showcases the work of NCCI and our members, and highlights networking and learning opportunities for members, non-members and other interested in the future of higher education.


Mr. Terrence Odin
Carleton University


Ms. Kathleen Scott 
California State University, Fresno

Program Committee Liaison

Ms. Ashley Teal
Emory University

Current Initiatives:  The Marketing & Communications Committee is hard at work developing a Strategic Communications plan for NCCI based on member ‘personas.’  In addition, the Committee recently completed a redesign of the NCCI web page.

Volunteer Status:  We would be pleased to accept volunteers at any time. Please email

Committee Roster

Membership & Outreach Committee

The Membership & Outreach Committee strives to ensure that the value of the NCCI network is continuously enhanced by improving the richness and diversity of our member institutions.  This involves actions to:  1) retain current members; and 2) grow our network by adding new members.  We do this through direct outreach to members and prospective members; reviewing member profile data to identify targeted areas for recruiting; and devising strategies for both retention and new member growth.


Ms. Davina Desnoes 
Cornell University


Mr. Darrin Harris
UW-Madison, OQI

Current Initiatives: The Membership & Outreach Committee’s current initiatives include the development of a thorough and highly effective new member onboarding process and toolkits to help ensure our members get the most out of their NCCI membership.

Volunteer Status: We would be pleased to accept volunteers at any time. Please email

Committee Roster

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee supports sharing of information, skills, and knowledge by creating professional development opportunities that provide value and recognition to the NCCI membership, both as individuals and as institutions.


Ms. Lisa Terry 
University of California, Davis

Vice Chair

Ms. Megan Mozina
Illinois Institute of Technology

Current Initiatives:  In addition to the ongoing Coffee Break Series, the Professional Development Committee is exploring the possibility of a certification program for higher education change leaders and planning a spring workshop at one of our member institutions.

Volunteer Status:  We would be pleased to accept volunteers at any time. Please email

Committee Roster