Dr. David Ward, Past President of the American Council on Education and Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Dr. Brent D. Ruben Award from the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI).

The NCCI Advisory Council, consisting of Past Presidents and the Founders of NCCI, nominated Ward for the prestigious award in recognition of his accomplishments not only to NCCI but to higher education on a national and international scale.

Ward was a crucial support to NCCI leadership during the Association’s infancy and at a time when its future was unknown. He provided NCCI with opportunities for growth, posed challenges, and inspired its members to strive for and achieve more.

“He inspired us with many great quotes, such as, ‘The most radical thing I did was to take a plan off the shelf and implement it,’ and ’Higher education is good at innovation. We have pockets of excellence everywhere. But we are not good at scaling or leveraging those innovations.’ This quote inspired NCCI’s Leveraging Excellence award program,” wrote the NCCI Advisory Council in its nomination of Dr. Ward.

Ward is credited for increasing NCCI’s visibility in the Higher Education Sector and providing the Association with the opportunity to partner with the American Council on Education (ACE) for over ten years, providing breakout speakers for their conference and also hosting two roundtable events where over 20 higher education association leaders met to discuss advancing quality approached in higher education.

The Dr. Brent D. Ruben Award is named after one of NCCI’s Founders. Ruben is the Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Development & Leadership at Rutgers University. The award recipient is nominated by the NCCI Advisory Council in recognition of an NCCI member’s leadership in shaping and sustaining NCCI to advance excellence in higher education.

The award will be presented to Dr. Ward at NCCI’s 2017 Annual Conference, to be held in Minneapolis, MN, July 27-29.