WEST HARTFORD, CT (April 2018) – Dr. Teresa Hartnett, Immediate Past President of the Network for Change & Continuous Innovation and current Associate Dean of Finance & Administration in the College of Medicine at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, has been named the recipient of the 2018 Dr. Brent D. Ruben Award from the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI).

The NCCI Advisory Council, consisting of Past Presidents and the Founders of NCCI, nominated Hartnett for the prestigious award in recognition of her accomplishments not only to NCCI but to higher education on a national and international scale.

In its nomination letter, the Advisory Council listed Hartnett’s accomplishments on behalf of NCCI, noting her leadership at a crucial time in the association’s history.  These accomplishments included the development of a sponsorship framework, overseeing the implementation of the website redesign, designing the Hartnett Model for Member Engagement and Retention, successfully guiding the NCCI board to completion of the 2015-17 Strategic Plan,  and growing the membership of NCCI from 61 institutions in 2011 to 91 institutions in 2017, to name but a few.  All have had a positive impact on NCCI.

“Teresa illustrates how NCCI supports and provides value to all leaders in Higher Education.  As a Finance leader herself, she demonstrates that change leadership and continuous innovation can be shared across networks. Dr. Brent Ruben talks about how the founding members of NCCI came together to exchange insights, share ideas, and learn effective practices. He also talks about the importance and sustainability of NCCI.  Teresa’s accomplishments will have  a lasting impact on NCCI, enhancing the association’s ability to affect leadership to improve and advance higher education,” wrote Cindy Taylor, NCCI President.

As President, Teresa demonstrated leadership, poise and professionalism in dealing with complicated and delicate situations, and an ability to get things done. She strives for excellence in everything she does, and inspires and celebrates all of the many NCCI volunteers and members.

The Dr. Brent D. Ruben Award is named after one of NCCI’s Founders. Ruben is the Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Development & Leadership at Rutgers University. The award recipient is nominated by the NCCI Advisory Council in recognition of an NCCI member’s leadership in shaping and sustaining NCCI to advance excellence in higher education.

The award will be presented to Dr. Hartnett at NCCI’s 2018 Annual Conference, to be held in Long Beach, CA, July 18-20.