Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is a group of people who share the same craft or profession and thus the same interest in a particular subject. These communities come together with the goal of gaining knowledge related to the area by way of sharing with the community. The process of sharing information and experiences within the group results in an outcome where the members learn from each other, have the opportunity to develop themselves and make a greater impact within their institutions.

Benefits of Participating in a Community of Practice

  • Problem solving/brainstorming
  • Sharing information
  • Discussing development
  • Documentation projects
  • Visits
  • Mapping knowledge and identifying groups

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Learn More About the NCCI Communities

Change Management Community of Practice

This community promotes change management best practices which include the mitigation of project pain points and the implementation of organizational changes in higher education.  This community is for those interested in learning more about managing change, those who already practice change management and those who sponsor change initiatives. We exchange ideas, lessons learned, best practices, and advice about change management.

Members can join here.


Jolene King
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Internal Consulting Community of Practice

This community provides space for internal consultants and others that apply broad-based knowledge and experience to help develop and implement strategic improvement plans in response to performance gaps across higher education systems. Members have the opportunity to share best practices, collaborate for ideas, and engage in discussion about challenges faced, solutions designed, and long-term sustainability of initiatives with our peers. We network to build relationships with our counterparts at other institutions as we navigate the broad changes affecting education.

Members can join here.


Jenny Faust
University of Wisconsin Madison

Mary Graft
Arizona State University

Clayton Taylor
Arizona State University

Leadership Community of Practice

Colleagues exchange ideas, expertise, approaches, models, and program and initiative designs across a variety of topics. A sample of topics include: creating a culture of leadership, leadership as a continuum,  coaching, consulting, advising, and measurement, succession planning and talent development, how to start a best practice organization, open enrollment versus targeted professional development.

Members can join here.


Nancy Arnold
Carleton University

Kaylee Hargreaves
Carleton University

Lean Community of Practice

This community works to expand knowledge of Lean principles and practices.  As information and ideas are shared, members support one another in introducing continuous improvement and operational excellence to their respective institutions.

Members can join here.

Tanya Grove, Chair
Cornell University

Lisa Hall, Documentation Lead
University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Communities of Practice have become a growing method for knowledge production and a reframing of the idea that people learn best from each other.