Networking Lunch in Nashville 2015

Please join us on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at the Higher Ed Lean Exchange (HELEX), a day of collaboration around advancing Lean in Higher Education. HELEX will be hosted by the University of Illinois at their Chicago Campus. HELEX is designed as a day for lean practitioners to connect, share, explore, and discuss challenges, best practices, and new initiatives to enhance our personal effectiveness. Unlike a conference format, this exchange is envisioned as a space for active engagement and collaboration, with all participants contributing to and expanding our understanding of each topic. We’re excited to welcome Karyn Ross, Shingo Award winning co-author of “The Toyota Way to Service Excellence,” to our exchange. She’ll be leading one of our exchange topics: Coaching Your Leadership Team. The other two exchange topics will be Measuring the Success of Your Program and Building Lean Capacity. NCCI is a co-sponsor of this event.
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