Innovation Spotlight

NCCI believes that sharing stories between our member institutions is a key way to cultivate change within higher education. NCCI’s Innovation Spotlight gives member institutions the opportunity to tell other member institutions about a program, project or initiative successfully implemented that involved change, continuous innovation, or the enhancement of academic or administrative excellence and effectiveness. Check out one of the Innovations!

University of Washington is a sprawling, growing, and urban campus, and one of the world’s preeminent public universities. The UW’s “2 Years to 2 Decades” initiative after the 2008-9 recession focused on preserving academic strength, while introducing the concept of “organizational excellence.” An outgrowth of that has been the “Transforming Administration Program” (TAP). In June 2015, the Provost conducted a broad survey on Central Administration to identify and prioritize near-term efforts. In 2016, UW’s Provost and TAP leadership tasked with conducting a UW-wide TAP administrative services survey of faculty, staff, and a segment of central administrative services. The effort seemed monumental and complex to the team. NCCI’s 2016 Conference featured a contingent from UC San Diego speaking on their campus climate- and customer-service surveys, which they were expanding to other California schools. UW conference participants were very impressed with what they heard from UCSD. Through a competitive-bid process, UCSD was awarded the contract and will administer this large-scale survey of over 80 support services in January 2017. Stay tuned for outcomes!

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