NCCI is a community of higher education professionals who share generously. We learn from one another and we care about one another. The last weeks of 2018 brought unique challenges to two of our member institutions, and we wanted to take a moment to offer our warmest thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

The devastating California wildfires that ravaged Northern California had a significant impact on the Chico State campus and their students, staff and faculty. Visit the California State University, Chico website for information and ways to help.

On November 30, 2018, an earthquake rocked Anchorage, impacting students, faculty and staff and forcing the closing of the University of Alaska Anchorage for several days. UAA has established a Student Support Fund to help students impacted by the quake.

Hurricanes, fires, natural disasters, violence and other crisis impact our campuses and students each year. Leadership, resilience and effective crisis management planning are all critical skills and modeled across our campuses. We encourage our NCCI community to continue to learn from one another and support one another during these challenging times.