NCCI Connect

NCCI Connect

NCCI Connect is our member portal that brings together hundreds of professionals from a multitude of roles—change management, process improvement, finance, technology, communications, human resources, organizational development, and more—to share their best practices and valuable resources via NCCI Connect.

Benefits of NCCI Connect

NCCI Connect is a platform that allows members to network, collaborate, and engage in a variety of ways, such as:
  • Instantly join and interact with the Communities of Practice
  • Connect with colleagues to grow your network through the searchable member directory
  • Discuss challenges you’re having and get advice from peers
  • Bring innovative ideas to your campus by learning from others
  • Share articles, documents, upcoming events, and other resources
  • Access NCCI archives like Power60 recordings and conference presentations


To update your profile in NCCI Connect, click the “My Account” link, then select the “My Profile” button. Ensure your job title is correct, upload a picture, and add a bio to more powerfully engage with colleagues!