Practitioner Roundtable

Our Role in Major Events

Practitioner Roundtable: Our Role in Major Events

August 4 from Noon – 2 p.m. Eastern

This interactive practitioner forum will discuss the role of the internal practitioner in helping universities address major challenges.  Participants will share roles that OD/OE/HR/Consulting practitioners play in addressing these very important challenges and the lessons learned. The current trifecta crisis we face as a society (pandemic, recession, and racism) are enormously challenging each on their own, and even more complex as they intersect and converge.

This roundtable will be led by members of the Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting team and address the following themes:

The Impacts of COVID-19: Working and Learning in the Midst of a Pandemic

Discussion Led By:

Michelle Thackray, PhD, Sr. Consultant, Organizational Readiness Competency Lead, Georgia Tech
Michelle proactively prepares the university for new ways of working, new technologies, and other major changes.  She is currently the project manager to prepare for Tech Moving Forward: Our Road to Recovery where she supports the campus-wide task force preparing for a safe return to learning. 

The Cuts Run Deep: The Impact of Economic Recession in Higher Ed

Discussion Led By:

Andrew Billing, Sr. Consultant, Process Optimization Competency Lead, Georgia Tech
Andrew leads university-wide initiatives to reduce cost and increase revenue by developing strategies, streamlining processes and aligning structures and people.  He is a trusted advisor to clients in the Office of the President.

I Can't Breathe: The Awakening to Racism in Our Society and Institutions

Discussion Led By:

Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, PhD, Executive Director, Strategic Consulting, Georgia Tech
Sonia leads Georgia Tech’s internal consulting firm in helping university leaders strategize and resolve the Institute’s greatest challenges.

Byron Fitch, Sr. Consultant, Culture, Engagement, and Team Development Competency Lead, Georgia Tech
Byron leads the university staff council and works proactively with leaders to increase engagement, morale, and productivity.  He works proactively with leaders to positively influence healthy work cultures and help teams to thrive.



The Practitioner Roundtable is available to NCCI members for no fee. Space is limited to a maximum of 40 participants (one person per institution) to foster robust dialogue. Participants must be available for the full discussion. A wait list for this event has been created. Due to the intimate nature of these conversations, this session will not be recorded.