NCCI Sponsor Series

NCCI’s Sponsor Series

Learn the latest trends, products and services, and insights from NCCI sponsors and institutional partners. Below you can register for upcoming sessions or view information of past webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

Lessons from Other Sectors: Modeling Disney to Deliver Exceptional Educational Experiences
Wednesday, June 9 at 2 p.m. Eastern

What can an entertainment company possibly teach higher education institutions? Quite a lot, according to our panelists. As we emerge from the cloud of the pandemic, our incoming students approach our institutions with high expectations for their educational experience. Where can we turn for insights into how to meet these expectations? Florida State University’s “Campus Reimagined” strategic initiative is modeled after their Disney neighbor – tailored to the expectations of this generation of digital natives. This session will explore how higher education can learn from other organizations to make our institutions as innovative, data-informed, and outcomes-driven as possible. This session is brought to you by NCCI sponsor, Nuventive.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Florida State combined data and strategy to deliver a performance-based education environment with “Campus Reimagined”
  • How learning from other sectors, enlisting change agents, and focusing on the highest-impact changes improve success rates for continuous improvement.
  • How technology can support strategic planning and transformation initiatives.

About the Speakers:

  • Brent D. Ruben, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University; Senior Advisor to Nuventive; founding President of NCCI
  • Rick Burnette, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Strategy and Analytics and Interim CIO, Florida State University
  • Cindy Taylor, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Carleton University; former President of NCCI

Past Webinars

Members can access recordings of past webinars by visiting NCCI Connect.

Becoming a Transformation Catalyst: Thoughts About Taking Your CI/Lean/PI (or Internal Consulting) Team to the Next Level
Presented by: Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, Georgia Institute of Technology; Amy Haberman, University of Florida; Sarah L. Collie, University of Virginia; Dan Feely, Transforming Solutions, Inc.; and Karla Loebick, Transforming Solutions, Inc.
December 8, 2020
Shifting Cultural Values in the Age of COVID
Presented by: Maury Cotter, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lisa Helmin Foss, Ph.D., MBA, St. Cloud State University; and Stephanie Barkow, BVK
November 12, 2020
A Conversation on Leading in Turbulent Times: In Search of a Navigation System for This Critical Moment in the History of U.S. Higher Education
Presented by: Dr. Brent Ruben, Rutgers University; and John Voloudakis, Nuventive
September 29, 2020