The Board of Directors met October 2, 2015 to update the Strategic Plan to guide NCCI from 2015 through 2017. The process included an assessment of the current situation, a scan of the internal and external factors that affect NCCI and a discussion about the future in higher education and the appropriate role for NCCI to play.

The October 2015 discussion resulted in a re-prioritization of the goals, and the goal of growing the resource network in support of higher education change leadership was identified as the leading priority for the next two years. The second priority is now to develop and promote the change impact and the influence of change leaders.¬† The third goal is now to grow the skills and knowledge of change leaders in higher education. The fourth goal, which speaks to the leadership and management of NCCI as an organization, was updated to reflect progress to date and new priorities. Read more about NCCI’s current strategic plan here.