Featuring Our New Logo Design!

As you’ve surely already noticed, NCCI unveiled an engaging and dynamic new website on December 19, 2016. The new site features a content-rich, visually-appealing and attractive home page. I think that you will enjoy the site’s easy navigation, which will quickly get you to the content you need and foster the connections you wish to make with colleagues.

Overall, the goal was to create a website that lives up to the name of NCCI and tangibly demonstrates the power of change and innovation, and I am so pleased with the result. Special thanks go to a critical group of NCCI Board members and volunteers for their hard work on the site: Julie Brandt of the University of Missouri-Columbia (Chair); Brandi Lamon-Pinkerton, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Terrence Odin of Carleton University in Ottawa; and Kathleen Scott, California State University, Fresno. Special thanks, too, to NCCI Executive Director Chris Blake for his dedication and effort on this important task.

NCCI worked with Indianapolis-based Caylor Solutions on the website and logo update. As Bart Caylor, President of Caylor Solutions, stated:

We listened to the leadership at NCCI and came up with a dynamic and innovative design that will serve the organization well. Change needs to be impactful and emotive. We feel that the new site reflects the essence of what NCCI is all about.

The homepage design depicts movement and progress, which are key elements of change and innovation. It features a primary navigation menu, calls to action and clear links for members to register for events, such as the Annual Conference and online Coffee Breaks. There are member testimonials, and figures that tell the story about NCCI programs and services. Rotating images create a fresh look and feel on the new homepage.


I hope that you enjoy the new look – please feel free to reach out to me at with your feedback and ideas.